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Hi, I'm Soph and I'm so happy you are here!

just turned 19 and I'm currently working towards getting my real estate licence while also baking for all of you!

After endless days, weeks, and months of baking everyday during quarantine, I decided with lots of help from amazing people around me, to start my own baking business in July 2020 out of my home. 

I wanted to start this business not just because of my love for baking but everyone needed a little more happiness in our lives during this pandemic. Many people were going through tough times so I thought I would try my best to bring smiles to people’s faces by homemade yummy baking.​

Thank you so much for the amazing support you have all given me. I'm so thankful. Now, don't forget to be sweet and of course sassie! ;)

Love, Soph xoxo

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